Green Energy

Green Energy

Warren Mechanical has extensive knowledge and experience when it comes to "Green" systems that harness natural resources. We install large Solar Hydronic, GeoThermal, and Rain Collection Systems.

We are an Efficiency Maine Qualified Partner and help to provide our customers with cash incentives to reduce the cost of projects, promoting more efficient mechanical systems.

HVAC systems account for approximately 40%-70% of the electricity used in commercial buildings.

"Implementing energy- efficiency measures can help achieve substantial savings for your business."

Heating & Cooling Savings

  • Upgrading your gas furnace to Energy Star-labeled unit with an AFUE rating of at least 90
  • Upgrade central air conditioner to Energy Star-labeled unit with SEER rating of at least 12
  • Upgrade insulation to DOE-recommended levels
  • Seal leaks in building shell to reduce air infiltration
  • Replace windows with low-emissivity, argon-filled units
  • Insulate and seal forced air heating and cooling ducts
  • Install an Energy Star-labeled programmable thermostat Hot Water Saving:
  • Upgrade gas water heater to unit with Energy Factor = 0.66 or higher