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We design and install HVAC and plumbing systems for commercial, institutional and industrial projects throughout the state of Maine.

Commercial HVAC &
Plumbing Services

Regardless of the type or size of the project, we deliver. Warren Mechanical has built a reputation for Quality.

We are the premier BIM Design, plumbing, heating and air conditioning contractor in Maine. Our primary focus is in the commercial construction markets including hospitals, office buildings, correctional facilities, hotels and educational institutions. We will complete any size of project depending on the needs of our client.


Health Care



Office Buildings


Plan Design Build

As a full-service mechanical contractor, we can handle all of your plumbing and HVAC needs from BIM design and coordination to prefabrication and installation.


Project Planning

With over 50 years of experience we know how to get a project going in the right direction and keep it moving effectively to completion.

BIM Design & Coordination

Warren utilizes BIM services for in-house projects and provides BIM services to other commercial Sheet Metal, HVAC, Plumbing, Electrical and General Contractors.


Warren Mechanical’s prefabrication services give your project the edge by reducing cost, improving quality and maximize efficiency to meet the needs of a demanding schedule.

Commercial HVAC

Warren Mechanical’s full-service HVAC division has the experience and skill to deliver exceptional heating, cooling AND ventilation solutions.

Commercial Plumbing

Warren Mechanical can handle all of your commercial plumbing needs, from new construction and installation to renovation and repair.

Service & Maintenance

Rely on Warren Mechanical’s service and maintenance team to keep your HVAC and plumbing systems running optimally.

We Provide Comprehensive BIM Design Solutions.

Our experts utilize the latest technology for BIM design/coordination, field layout, and prefabrication such as Revit, Autocad, and Navisworks for design and coordination , Sysque for prefabrication/spooling, and Hilti robotic total stations for field layout.


Better Collaboration

Optimized Planning

Improved Efficiency


Higher Quality Work

Optimize your Project with Warren Mechanical Prefabrication.

Our prefabrication solutions will improve speed, quality, efficiency and safety as well as reduce project cost and optimize scheduling.

The time, cost and quality requirements of commercial/industrial construction projects are a constant challenge to mechanical contractors. In our current business climate, this is critical. An in-house fabrication shop can reduce on-site labor costs by as much as 60% or more. Fabrication begins as a consideration at the estimating and job planning stage. The ability to prefabricate, as well as preplan the job, will lead to a much more efficient project. Many of the more demanding projects find prefabrication a necessity in when considering a demanding schedule. We try to prefabricate as much of our own contract work as possible.

Speed & Efficiency

Work in a pipe fabrication shop is done more quickly than work done in the field. Once a module or spool is assembled and tested at the shop, it can be transported safely and conveniently to the jobsite and quickly installed as a single unit. Faster installation improves job workflow all along the line.


Quality Control

Applications for such industries as pharmaceutical and chemicals must not only meet the highest workmanship standards, they must also comply with strict government and industry guidelines. Pre-assembly allows fabrication to more critical tolerances. Inspection and testing can be performed more efficiently in the shop and any problems can be corrected before installation in the field.

Optimize Scheduling

The fabrication shop allows more people to work on a project than is possible at the jobsite. As is most often the case on all construction projects, the schedule is everything. We’ve found prefabrication to be imperative when considering a project with a difficult timetable and owners and general contractors alike have benefitted from the more efficient implementation this process provides.

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Regardless of the type or size of the project, we deliver. Warren Mechanical has built a reputation for Quality.

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